GenAI in the Cloud: Commercialization Hype vs. Reality

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype around generative AI (GenAI), but TBR’s 1H23 Cloud Infrastructure & Platforms Customer Research has revealed several established use cases throughout the enterprise, from call center optimization to vulnerable code detection. With 73% of respondents indicating they are actively deploying GenAI or using it on a trial basis, demand is evident. Additionally, both hyperscalers and SaaS providers have quickly responded to the market’s interest by integrating GenAI solutions, underpinned by generic and domain-specific large language models (LLMs), into their cloud services.

Join Principal Analyst and Practice Manager Allan Krans, Senior Analyst Catie Merrill and Analyst Alex Demeule on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023, for a discussion on GenAI’s expected impact on the cloud landscape going forward. The team will explore GenAI from the vendor point of view, examining how IaaS and SaaS providers are trying to develop, integrate and monetize GenAI solutions to unlock new streams of customer productivity and drive growth. The team will also break down what they’ve heard from customers on some of the challenges pertaining to GenAI and suggestions for how vendors can nurture their partner ecosystems to address concerns and fast-track adoption. 
In This FREE Session on GenAI in the Cloud Market You’ll Learn:

  • The GenAI strategies and approaches of both hyperscalers and SaaS providers
  • How cloud providers are using custom silicon to accelerate GenAI
  • What customers are saying, and a look into GenAI use cases




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