Insight Center™

Trillions of dollars in modeled revenue and operating expenses, and hundreds of billions in profit, by geo and industry vertical; millions of proprietary data points; thousands of technology companies — empirically opinionated analysis; all at your fingertips. 

TBR’s competitive intelligence platform, TBR Insight Center™, allows for configured & customized views into IT markets, vendors, alliances and ecosystems.

Our data and analysis is curated and delivered to meet the needs of Strategy, Marketing, Market & Competitive Intelligence, Product & Service Management, Analyst & Investor Relations, Finance & Executive, and Channel & Alliance Management leaders.

Benefits delivered through TBR Insight Center™ include:

  • Dynamic, configurable platform for TBR’s objective, independent and validated data and analysis
  • Customizable views of millions of data points to match your specific needs
  • Simple download functionality for customized views of analysis and feeds of data, saving staff dozens of hours per month
  • Updates for market disruptions and emerging trends

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“Great work by TBR on our battle cards! The team is impressed with the depth of content and excellence in delivery. Our SVP of Sales was basically banging the table to get his team to get these deployed!”

“Our sales team still relies on the competitive positioning tools you did for us … . It was incredibly well received by our sales team and, I believe, has played a part in helping us achieve our recent share gains.”

“TBR is my go-to for executive-facing intelligence because their work can be directly implemented into our strategy canvases. We regularly make decisions based on TBR insights.”

“TBR Modeling enables a new level of discipline for resource allocation to business operations. With shareholder pressure to increase ROI velocity whilst managing risk, this modeling capability provided us the level of granularity required for competitive analytics and planning platforms.”

“I have worked with a number of research firms in my career and have found that you do not always get the value that you are either promised or expect. That is not the case with TBR. They delivered not only the data that you would expect when you invest in a project, but they exceeded our expectations with a very thorough and insightful view into how the results from the research could improve our business. Based upon the study and TBR’s recommendations, we are moving forward with an advertising campaign to capture a very important customer segment.”

“TBR builds the best tech P&Ls in the world! Our executives have come to rely on the quarterly data you provide, and use it to measure the relative success of their business units.”

“Any time an executive puts up a number that shows our results against competitors or the market, TBR’s name is always footnoted. It’s clearly your differentiator and helping you build brand at the highest levels.”

“The work your team did helped us go from almost not launching our new offering to going forward with the launch. Since the launch, we’ve been getting great feedback from sales on the pricing of the offering and seeing little pushback from customers, and the revenue performance has surpassed expectations. I still use the material two or three times per week when guiding product managers and sales on the portfolio strategy.”