April 28, 2021

Edge computing: 2Q21 insights from TBR’s Services and Cloud teams

Technology and complexity bring opportunities to services around edge

Join Patrick Heffernan, Boz Hristov and Nicki Catchpole for a cross-practice discussion on how the ever-evolving complexity of edge computing is impacting digital transformations and creating opportunities for IT services vendors and consultancies. TBR’s subject-matter experts will discuss edge-specific use cases across multiple industries and unpack implications for partnerships across the full digital transformation ecosystem.

Don’t miss:

  • Key trends driving the evolution and adoption of edge computing, as well as the current state of the market
  • Use cases for edge computing, including those stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Overview of the ecosystem of partners who come together to support growth at the edge
  • How IT services vendors and consultancies are responding to the uptick in demand for edge computing

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