Customer-centric digital transformation: What’s up with that?

An exclusive review of TBR’s Digital Transformation Customer Research and Digital Marketing Services Customer Research

Customer experience (CX) optimization remains a natural first channel for digital transformation, providing test cases for data synthesis across the organization and new methods of engagement that can inspire future initiatives. Join us Dec. 19 to discover what vendors need to know to compete effectively for CX-related opportunities in the fast-evolving digital transformation market.

Join Jen Hamel and Boz Hristov as they dig into how enterprise adoption of digital transformation solutions is evolving, with a specific focus on the CX function. Based on enterprise adoption research, TBR will give a snapshot on today’s digital transformation and digital marketing services marketplaces.

Don’t miss:

  • The state of adoption for digital transformation technology and services
  • Insights into CX as a starting point for digital transformation, including who buys or influences solutions
  • Market maturity and opportunity, as well as winning vendor strategies, in CX


TBR webinars are held typically on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET and include a 15-minute Q&A session following the main presentation. Previous webinars can be viewed at anytime on TBR’s Webinar Portal.

For additional information or to arrange a briefing with our analysts, please contact TBR at [email protected].

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