Digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the global pandemic persists, vendors prioritize employee safety while increasingly looking to employee productivity measures. Retaining clients and securing a larger piece of a shrinking budgetary pie are IT services vendors’ primary concerns with respect to clients as the pandemic depresses economic activity. Attracting and landing new logos has become vastly more difficult in an all-virtual environment, challenging IT services vendors to develop novel ways to promote new offerings. The COVID-19 outbreak is shifting buyers’ priorities, compelling digital transformation (DT) services vendors to reframe their DT messaging to focus more on individual business functions than the reinvention of the full enterprise, creating a niche for emerging technologies such as AR and VR that can not only augment the existing technology stack but also help change how humans and machines interact in certain industries and processes. At the same time, DT opportunities centered on speed, connectivity and reliability help elevate 5G’s position in the crowded emerging tech market, but only if vendors can demonstrate the ecosystem will remain navigable.

Join Patrick HeffernanBoz HristovElitsa Bakalova and Kelly Lesiczka as they reveal key findings around leading IT services vendors’ performance during the pandemic as well as how adding new technologies such as 5G, AR and VR creates an additional entry point for vendors to cross-sell and upsell their service portfolios.

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  • What the key trends are in the IT services segments, and what levers vendors use to succeed in a challenging market environment
  • How IT services vendors are preparing to capture opportunities enabled by the new wave of emerging technologies
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