IoT is helping improve supply chains, smart city infrastructure and healthcare, with growth in energy, public and manufacturing

3Q20 vertical takeaways

Global organizations are battling supply chain issues due to COVID-19. IoT will continue to play a role in enhancing supply chains to help increase long-term resilience in the event of future pandemics or other disruptions. Automation in manufacturing and other verticals continues to be a major trend. Although some companies may have previously been reluctant to use robots due to concerns over the threat to people’s jobs, the pandemic has required businesses to find ways to maintain supply chains and productivity with less human interaction.

The healthcare vertical will continue to rapidly adopt IoT devices and solutions during the pandemic to help medical systems cope with the high volume of patients. Telehealth solutions remain in high demand, as do IoT solutions that are capable of monitoring changes in patient medical data as part of preventive medical treatments and otherwise delivering more efficient patient care.

Smart cities continue to look to IoT to increase public safety and assist with various public operations, including first responders and traffic equipment. However, smart cities increasingly need an overarching main IoT platform to better manage all the IoT sensor and camera deployments, which will help improve the real-time data analysis.

The Commercial IoT Market Landscape delivers overall market and top vertical insights, including identifying key use cases as well as trends in technology and buyer behavior. The landscape also captures the top public deals within those verticals and the lead vendors associated with them.

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