Private 5G Network Revenue by Provider Type 2020-2025E

Hyperscalers are poised to disrupt the private cellular networks market over the next few years

Hyperscalers are poised to disrupt the private cellular networks market through their ecosystems, platforms and marketplaces

Hyperscalers (especially Amazon, Google and Microsoft) intend to standardize, modularize and verticalize private cellular networks (PCN)-related solutions inside their ecosystems, platforms and marketplaces, especially as it pertains to 5G and edge computing. Hyperscalers are focused on hiding the complexity of private networks and edge computing, enabling end users to more easily procure and consume these resources and unlock the value of data.

Enterprise and government consumption of networking resources will ultimately come to resemble how IT resources are consumed via the cloud, and solutions will be outcome-based. Early manifestations of this trend can be seen with Microsoft’s packaging of its 5G core with Azure Private Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) to enable and drive enterprise digital transformation with on-premises private 5G MEC. Microsoft is also building a range of vertical-specific use case solutions spanning smart factory, defense, retail transformation, and healthcare. Amazon and Google are following Microsoft’s lead in this domain.

Ultimately, TBR believes a large portion of activity in the private cellular networks and edge computing markets will be conducted inside hyperscalers’ ecosystems. CSPs and vendors will increasingly have to play inside hyperscalers’ ecosystems in some way to stay relevant in the market as it evolves.

Private 5G Network Revenue by Provider Type 2020-2025E

TBR’s Private Cellular Networks Market Landscape deep dives into the market for private cellular networks. This global report covers enterprises that are investing in private cellular networks as well as all of the major vendors and some nascent players that supply infrastructure in this space. The research includes key findings, key market developments, market sizing and forecast, regional trends, technology trends, vertical trends, use cases, and key customer deals that are occurring in the market. TBR’s Private Cellular Networks Market Forecast, which is global in scope, details private cellular network spending trends among enterprises and governments, particularly as it pertains to 5G. This research includes current-year market sizing and a five-year forecast of several private cellular networks market segments and geographies.

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