BearingPoint offers collaborative transformation that integrates advisory services and solutions

BearingPoint is transforming from a consulting company that delivers services in a traditional way into a company that is flexible in the way it works with clients and values innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. In a discussion, BearingPoint’s new Managing Partner Kiumars Hamidian stated, “We try to reduce the use of PowerPoint with clients,” which essentially leads to increased interactions during the proposal and solution development phases. On the other hand, BearingPoint is increasing its use of collaborative activities with clients and encouraging people to bring their best ideas, often using design thinking and agile-based methodologies. BearingPoint places innovation at the center of its activities across its three business pillars — Consulting, Solutions and Ventures — utilizing its “Be an Innovator” process to generate ideas for new services. The company uses IP assets such as accelerators, as well as incubators and ventures, to drive innovation.

BearingPoint is a European consulting company with global market reach

Executing on its three priorities — markets, portfolio and people — and utilizing its three business pillars will enable BearingPoint to continue to grow revenues and reach its 2020 overall revenue goal of €1 billion (or $1.2 billion). On the markets side, BearingPoint positions as an independent and partner-owned management and technology consulting company that has European roots and global reach and enables clients predominantly in its core European territory to become global leaders. Utilizing its European market reach and a new design and brand profile that emphasizes creativity, innovation, and a collaborative, agency-like approach, BearingPoint is set to attract such clients. As BearingPoint updates its brand profile to represent the company’s diversity, its bold, fresh and modern character will likely lead to growth opportunities, especially in new digital segments. To serve clients outside its core territory, BearingPoint utilizes its Global Reach Offices in Dallas and Shanghai and expands its global market reach through consulting and technology partnerships, such as with West Monroe Partners in North America, ABeam Consulting in APAC and Grupo ASSA in LATAM.



BearingPoint selected Lisbon, Portugal, as the host city for its Analyst Summit 2018. The event, which was held on Oct. 11, was not a traditional analyst day, as it was held at a former needle manufacturing facility, rather than in a conference room, and the vendor refrained from using PowerPoints to display its capabilities. Instead, the vendor transformed the facility to use personalized setups and spark attendees’ imaginations, and it relied on engaging conversations to gain the attention of the audience. The agenda was rich in topics, ranging from strategic and business overviews to five client case representatives talking onstage about their work with BearingPoint. The company also used a mobile app that was specifically developed for the event to provide personalized information about the event, share files and take live polls of the audience, which further enhanced engagement with the audience.

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