List of TBR's December 2021 webinars

TBR releases exclusive webinar content from December 2021

HAMPTON, N.H. (Dec. 29, 2021) — Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) announces on-demand availability of its December 2021 webinars, featuring discusses on expectations for innovation and transformation centers in 2022, 5G over the next five years, hardware subscription services growth, and more.

The silver lining of downward pressures that innovation and transformation centers are facing

Members of TBR’s Professional Services team take an in-depth look at how innovation and transformation centers have evolved through the pandemic and what is expected from them in 2022

With IT services again enabling digital transformation, DeFi shifts blockchain into a higher gear

Members of TBR’s Professional Services and Digital teams deep dive into IT services vendors’ investments and activities in APAC as well as discuss beyond the hype of cryptocurrency and what’s next for decentralized finance

How hardware vendors are ramping up subscription services to drive growth

Principal Analyst and Practice Manager Angela Lambert and Senior Analyst Eric Costa discusses trends emerging among hardware subscription services, drivers and inhibitors expected to impact market expansion, TBR’s forecasted market growth, and more

5G market update: Entering the ramp phase of the global build cycle

Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz gives an in-depth, exclusive review of TBR’s 5G Telecom Market Landscape and 5G Telecom Market Forecast, including major developments in the 5G market and an assessment of where the 5G market is trending over the next five years

2022 expectations: Insights from TBR’s Professional Services team

TBR’s Professional Services team looks at which key metrics and markets to look for in early 2022 as indictors for leaders and laggards, how IT services vendors, consultancies and cloud vendors responded to changing customer demands in 2021, and more

TBR webinars include a 15-minute Q&A following the main presentation. To find out what we are discussing next month, check out the Webinars page of our website.

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