Two Back, Three Forward: Go-to-market strategies matter now more than ever

In our new weekly blog series Two Back, Three Forward, we look at two numbers in TBR reports from the prior week as well as three numbers from our upcoming reports, highlighting the analysis TBR provides and the vast amount of data — the numbers — we’re working with every day. It’s all about the data and what that data means to you.

Two Back

13, questions answered during our recent Digital Transformation Insights webinar: After presenting findings around digital transformation customers’ adoption of AI services and discussing some of the challenges across the market, Principal Analyst and Practice Manager Patrick Heffernan and Senior Analyst Boz Hristov fielded questions from attendees on industry-specific examples, selling software “as a Service,” understanding resource planning by both IT services vendors and their customers, and more. If you missed the webinar, check out the replay here.

4.34, total average TBR score for T-Systems: T-Systems is rated “challenged versus peers” in only Financial Model, one of the three categories on which TBR scores companies it tracks; the company scored essentially average in Go-to-market & Services and Resource Management.The company’s score has steadily crept upward. According to Analyst Kelly Lesiczka, “T-Systems continues down the path of transformation to improve its business operations and management as well as realign its portfolio to support growth areas such as IoT, security and cloud. We expect the overall score will increase behind go-to-market improvements, specifically in revenue and revenue growth.”

Three Forward

60.7%, Dell Technologies Services’ North America revenue, as a percentage of overall global revenue: As detailed in TBR’s upcoming full report, Dell Technologies’ $1.8 billion North Americas revenue in 4Q19 reflects continued success in driving new business and attached services opportunities in the region, benefited by the company’s robust partner ecosystem and traction from its sales and go-to-market strategies. In contrast, Dell Technologies’ revenue flattened in EMEA and declined in APAC for the third consecutive quarter. Macroeconomic conditions in those regions do not bode well for a turnaround in early 2020. 

30K, cloud projects completed by Accenture and curated for the company’s MyNav tool: Hristov’s upcoming event perspective on Accenture’s 2020 Technology Symposium will include his assessment of the MyWizard, MyConcerto and MyNav tools. Additionally, he will explain what it means to Accenture that every company is a technology company and how cloud sits at the heart of innovation.

$5B, the price of DXC Technology’s announced sale of its State & Local Health and Human Services business to Veritas: In January we noted DXC Technology’s intention to sell off parts of its healthcare IT services business and predicted the state and local practice would remain intact at DXC, based on its sustained success and apparent profitability. In a future blog, TBR will re-evaluate its overall position on DXC Technology as well as the vendor’s placement in our Healthcare IT Services Benchmark.

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