Telecom IoT and edge computing: Developing focus areas in the telecom industry

As we look to 2019, TBR’s Telecom team has completed some insightful brainstorming sessions where we discussed industry trends and topics. We identified two nascent areas about which we are receiving increased questions and will spend more time researching as we move into the new year: telecom IoT and telecom edge compute. We welcome input, ideas and discussion as we dive deeper into these focus areas in 2019.

Coverage of these markets will be global in nature and will include insights on both operator and vendor positioning and strategies. Additionally, TBR will examine where companies are making money and spending money in these markets. Research will focus on business models and how they are evolving for Internet of Things (IoT) and edge compute, operator and vendor sophistication, and traction of IoT and edge compute businesses. There will be particular emphasis on leading companies: how they are making money in the market and where they are investing to position for success. We will examine market use cases and verticals to identify areas of opportunity.

Telecom IoT

The IoT market will scale up over the next five years as module prices decrease, IoT-optimized networks are built, and businesses and consumers realize the benefits of connecting their “things.” Communications service providers (CSP) will play an integral role in the IoT ecosystem as it is built out, and their revenue from IoT will grow as they pursue traditional and new business models in this market.

Telecom edge compute

Edge computing has become a major area of interest and investment in the telecom industry, driven by the need to improve user experiences as well as enable and support new business models. CSPs are also keen to invest in edge computing as a cost-efficient solution, with 5G as well as the cloudification and virtualization of networks driving the build-out of edge compute environments.

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