Top growing consultancies lean into emerging technologies

Twice a year TBR publishes its Management Consulting Benchmark, which provides key service line, regional, vertical and operational data and analysis for 13 leading management consulting vendors. The benchmark also includes deep dives into 11 of the 13 vendors. This week, TBR will publish insights into two of those vendors: IBM and EY.

IBM is using its advisory, digital design and technology expertise to win and execute holistic transformational projects and drive management consulting revenue growth in 2019. Value-led and IBM-asset-powered solutions; collaborative innovation, such as in the IBM Garage facilities; and management consulting expertise and talent, such as in Global Business Services’ Digital Strategy & iX, Cognitive Process Transformation and Cloud Application Innovation segments enable IBM Services to position as a digital reinvention partner for clients’ cognitive enterprise journeys.”
Elitsa Bakalova, Senior Analyst

EY positions for growth using client touchpoints and technology partners, supporting portfolio evolution. Additionally, use of wavespaces and centers throughout Europe creates the opportunity for EY to increase adoption among existing clients, of its blockchain and AI technology, and grows market awareness among nonclients of the breadth of EY’s technology capabilities.” — Kelly Lesiczka, Analyst

Additionally, join TBR’s Professional Services team Oct. 16 for a webinar and Q&A on India-centric vendors, including how they compare to leading IT services vendors and which IT services vendors have the most to lose due to sustained success among those that are India-centric.

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