DXC Technology lands award in the Middle East, highlighting long-standing core strengths of its solution suite for the health payer sector

In 2016 United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based insurer United Insurance Co. (UIC) hired a new CIO and tasked him with digitally transforming the company’s IT infrastructure and operations to a cloud-based infrastructure (see below for a snapshot of UIC). Within the CIO’s first five months, UIC migrated its core IT applications (e.g., Office 365) to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The initial digitization of UIC’s IT foundation was successful, and the insurer then proceeded to seek out systems integration vendors capable of fully deploying its core insurance applications, additional elements of its IT infrastructure, and other workloads to the cloud.

UIC eventually selected DXC Technology (DXC), citing DXC’s wide range of insurance-centric platforms, products and services as key differentiators that made DXC the optimal choice. UIC also noted DXC’s insurance solutions have been developed and used in the insurance market for several decades, including in many different geographies, further emphasizing how the breadth and depth of DXC’s insurance sector expertise are deeply woven into its industry platforms and make it a compelling choice for insurers seeking digital transformation. UIC chose Integral, DXC’s open standards-based, end-to-end insurance solution spanning the entire insurance life cycle, and was able to quickly deploy core functions to the cloud, including customer and agent administration, proposal capture, claims and policy processing, and accounting. DXC’s Integral Life application has already been deployed, and in 2Q18 UIC announced that DXC’s Integral Health solution will soon go live.

In TBR’s view, DXC offers payer clients a robust suite of solutions developed over a long tenure serving the insurance sector, but despite strong insurance sector offerings DXC does not appear to be replicating the success with UIC with other insurance clients in its core U.S. market. While global payer IT spend is accelerating as insurers digitize operations to enhance connections with policyholders and increase customer loyalty, DXC risks losing out to competitors with similar scale and experience in the insurance IT sector if it fails to stabilize operations in its central markets.



UIC is a Dubai, UAE-based insurer established in 1998. UIC provides retail and commercial insurance products in areas including life, health, automotive, property, engineering, liability and marine to commercial enterprises and government entities in the UAE and the Middle East. UIC saw digital transformation as critical to its ability to differentiate in a highly competitive insurance market while ensuring that the company was prepared for the inevitable industry embrace of digital insurance.

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