Off the road and on your screen: A webinar featuring our latest look at digital transformation

Seven of the last nine weeks spent traveling has included an incalculable number of meetings and countless great stories, ranging from ground-breaking IoT solutions and stand-out blockchain presentations to a surprising utilities-selection app. All the events confirmed, for me, that we’re on the right track with how TBR has structured its research and analysis around the IT services and broader technology space, including our new Digital Transformation Insights Portfolio. In listening to consultancies and IT services vendors talk about how they run their companies and how they deliver to their clients, I heard that models with the right combination of strategy, performance and bonuses provide the foundation of our analysis, echoed perfectly in our quarterly reports and benchmarks. 

On May 15 I’ll present parts of our digital transformation portfolio in a webinar titled, “30 Minutes, 3 Months, 3 Years: Evolution of Digital Transformation.” In addition to walking through how we developed the portfolio and what we’re researching and writing about each month, I’ll pull in examples from the last nine weeks and preview some of the analysis we will be publishing in the coming months, including the much repeated theme/complaint/reality that humans consistently become the weak link in any digital transformation. Nearly every client story I’ve heard recently included lessons learned around change management, leadership commitment and team selection, regardless of whether the featured technology was IoT, blockchain, RPA or run-of-the-mill ERP. I’ll walk through some observations on this theme as well as other commonalities from clients’ stories and vendors’ evolving digital transformation strategies.

Join me for the webinar and send comments and questions directly, as our research traditionally has been shaped answers to the key intelligence questions we develop based on clients’ questions. 

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