Digital Transformation Insights: What do we mean by ‘cross vendor’?

As part of our Digital Transformation Insights portfolio, twice this year we’ve published cross vendor reports, narrowing our analysis down to a few select vendors while staying within the context of digital transformation. In the first report, we put Accenture and IBM side by side — looking at the two companies’ past, present and future — and walked through every way TBR examines these companies, including from a management consulting, cloud, and telecom perspective. Last month, we looked at two categories of digital transformation vendors: the India-centric firms and the management consultancies. Below is the opening of the report.

“Because technology is composable and easy to consume, businesses can remake core processes to redefine business models, modernize customer engagement, evolve asset management strategies, increase employee productivity or make management decisions. For most management consultancies and India-centric vendors, many of these areas are brownfield opportunities, but with the advent of next-generation technologies, some clients are ready to completely revamp their core businesses to sustain their very existence. Such greenfield opportunities can sometimes catch vendors by surprise, especially if they believe they can do it all on their own. In the long term, partnerships will also evolve, as in their current form, the technology diminishes differentiation among all parties. This evolution could create siloed, federated-like model enterprises, which bring a different set of challenges. However, with the expectations coming from the advent of open data standards amplified through blockchain, such hurdles will supposedly be easy to address.

“Differentiating in such a crowded market will be hard, unless vendors begin to offer outcome-based services contracts where they absorb most of the risk. Vendors’ greatest value will come from technologically combining multiple initiatives and helping clients improve performance against chosen KPIs.

“To understand the current state of digital transformation services and anticipate where the market will head over the next few years, TBR has analyzed these two leading groups of vendors side by side to understand their past strategic decisions and investments, current performance, and near-term expectations. This cross-vendor report utilizes the full range of TBR’s data and understanding of the digital transformation landscape.”

For more from the Digital Transformation Insights portfolio, contact TBR Senior Analyst Bozhidar Hristov or Sales Vice President Dan Demers.

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