Atos expands reach in North America through the acquisition of Syntel

On Oct. 9, Atos completed the acquisition of Syntel, adding close to $1 billion in revenues, 89% of which were generated in North America in 2017, as well as over 23,000 employees. This month, TBR analysts will travel to Dallas to hear further details on Atos’ plans with Syntel and further assess what this will mean for Atos and its competitors.

Syntel expands Atos’ transformational capabilities in North America

Syntel provides critical scale for Atos’ Business and Platform Solutions (B&PS) division in North America and enables Atos to expand its digital transformation activities in the region. As Syntel’s revenue is fully driven by B&PS activities, such as in digital, automation and robotics, the acquisition will enable Atos to diversify its revenue in North America, which has been largely reliant on Atos’ Infrastructure and Data Management (IDM) division. Selling Atos’ offerings in cybersecurity, big data and IDM to Syntel’s acquired client base as well as offering Syntel solutions to Atos’ global clients and pursuing large-scale holistic digital transformation projects will drive revenue growth for Atos through 2021.

Syntel’s intelligent automation tools enable Atos to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients

Atos expects to generate $120 million in cost synergies through the acquisition, which, together with the addition of Syntel’s efficient business model, will boost Atos’ profitability. While G&A rationalization, real estate management and procurement will drive cost synergies, the main lever will be the rollout of Syntel’s delivery model for Atos’ large B&PS accounts, which make up $1.3 billion in annual revenues and 36% of B&PS revenue. Notably, Atos plans to adopt Syntel’s delivery model and integrate its processes; tools, such as intelligent automation tools called SyntBots; metrics; and 18,000 employees in India to improve Atos’ cost base and augment B&PS operating margin, which was 7.4% in 1H18.

Atos increases cloud services opportunities

Reinforcing its cloud capabilities through the acquisition of Syntel enables Atos to expand client reach in North America and increase hybrid cloud orchestration activities. Atos has already rebranded Syntel to Atos Syntel, which is now a separate Atos brand, and Syntel’s Cloud Services offerings are being marketed to clients as Atos Syntel Cloud Services. Syntel provides Atos with added expertise from more than 50 cloud projects and cloud services offerings that better enable Atos’ enterprise IT solutions to deliver a “digital backbone” to clients. The Atos Syntel Cloud Services offerings are supported by Syntel’s IP-based accelerators and automation tools such as the SyntBots. TBR expects Atos will work toward a unified cloud services portfolio by integrating Atos Syntel Cloud Services with Atos’ existing cloud capabilities, such as Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud.

Atos is an expert in integrating acquisitions, such as that of Syntel

Let’s look at Atos’ track record on acquisitions: Following its strategy to add digital technology capabilities and intellectual capital, and augment its position in e-payments, the company acquired seven companies during 2017 and announced three acquisitions in 2018, two of which — Syntel and Air-Lynx have closed — while SIX Payment Services is pending approval. The company has a history of successfully integrating acquisitions, some small and others large, such as Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS), which added approximately 28,000 people to Atos in 2011. SIS had experienced lingering revenue declines and low profitability levels; however, during the integration process, Atos was able to restructure SIS so that Atos’ profitability was not negatively affected and improved in the following years. TBR expects Syntel will have an overall positive affect for Atos in terms of client reach; expanded solutions capabilities, especially around digital, cloud and automation; and profitability. Syntel, which had an operating margin of 25% in 2017, driven by efficient and automated processes, will boost Atos’ profitability as Atos adopts Syntel’s model of operations in B&PS.

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