The transformation of enterprise business – via the use of next-generation applications built on cloud, social, mobile and Internet of Things – positions digital for 10 years of strong growth. Digital adoption remains in early stages, and pressure is growing for businesses to increase the use of digital applications and data exchanges to improve customer engagement, grow sales and increase profitability.

Enterprises are beginning to transition business functions such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, support and finance to digital solutions. Applications and platform vendors and a wide range of services firms are investing in portfolio capabilities and solutions to capture this opportunity. Reinventing the flow of and access to data across business functions remains key to success and vendor opportunity.

TBR's analysis of revenue functions – from advertising to marketing, sales, commerce and service support – provides a view into how technology vendors and services firms capture this critical digital transition of the relationship between enterprises and their customers. Our enterprise buyer analysis shows how the CMO, CXO and IT functions approach digital applications, platforms and services. Our analysis highlights opportunity and market trends, with opportunity sizing and forecasting bellwethers of industry trends.