Webinar: Navigating Soft Demand and Margin Erosion: Insights into Devices Vendors' 2022 Revenue Challenges

Navigating Soft Demand and Margin Erosion: Insights into Devices Vendors’ 2022 Revenue Challenges

Soft underlying demand in both consumer and commercial end markets continues to challenge the devices industry. According to Federal Reserve Economic Data, consumer sentiment is currently lower than it was after the onset of the pandemic, explaining consumers’ cautious and limited buying behaviors.
Join Senior Analyst Ben Carbonneau, Research Analyst Alek Maxfield and Principal Analyst Ezra Gottheil Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT as they deep dive into the devices end market, including the commercial end market where demand has weakened significantly over the last few quarters as organizations’ appetites for spending has waned due to persistent macroeconomic factors including inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical friction in Eastern Europe as well as the South China Sea. Additionally, recent turbulence in the banking industry has exacerbated concerns of a recession.


In this FREE webinar on consumer and commercial devices end markets challenges you’ll learn:

  • How devices vendors’ core markets are informing their current business strategies
  • Which strategies devices vendors are employing to mitigate margin erosion
  • How PC services revenue is recognized compared to that of PC hardware




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