Fast Growth or Fading Fast: GenAI Opportunities for Legacy Global Systems Integrators

Not all global systems integrators (GSIs) are the same and not all benefited from the 2023 hype cycle around generative AI (GenAI). 2024 could be a regrouping year for some GSIs — a chance to close the gap on market leaders and re-establish their positions in the broader IT ecosystem. For others, though, new headwinds combined with old weaknesses will stymie growth and limit strategic choices.


Join Principal Analyst Patrick M. Heffernan and Senior Analyst Kevin Collupy Thursday, April 11, 2024, for a live discussion on the 2023 and early 2024 performances of some of the market’s more hardware-centric, legacy GSIs and what you can expect from these vendors in the coming years.


In This FREE TBR Insights Live Session on GenAI Opportunities for Legacy GSIs You’ll Learn:

  • How leading GSIs have positioned themselves for growth in an uncertain market
  • What obstacles and chaos GSIs can expect throughout 2024
  • How GenAI will disrupt the market, providing opportunities for ecosystem-enabled growth and exposing GSIs that are not prepared or well positioned for growth


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