SAP Digital Business Services enables customers to create their own intelligent enterprise

After SAPPHIRE NOW in June, a burning question remained: How does SAP’s professional services organization fit into the company’s new intelligent enterprise vision? SAP’s Digital Business Services (DBS) Analyst Day provided the answer: DBS is the enabler to the intelligent enterprise, which is a system of SAP and non-SAP applications, underpinned by a digital platform and made intelligent by the SAP Leonardo technologies.

As the enabler, DBS will have several responsibilities including helping to create business cases, and road map, architect and implement the customers’ version of the intelligent enterprise. SAP certainly has the technical expertise in-house to architect and implement the intelligent enterprise and has reskilled and hired over the last few years to bolster its advisory capabilities, particularly as it relates to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. Critically, SAP’s partners have ample opportunity around the necessary change management responsibilities that are undoubtedly needed to ensure successful business process transformations.

Repeatedly during the two-day event SAP leaders emphasized that DBS helps the company accelerate clients’ time to value and reduces risk for all involved — the client, SAP, and any consultancy or SI partners. By being close to software-related services, not necessarily project-related, such as change management, SAP DBS plays to its core strengths and competencies and brings the value clients expect. More broadly, DBS assures clients that a large partner-led engagement meets SAP standards, often through a separate SAP Value Assurance contract between SAP and the client apart from the partner or project arrangements. This clear vision of what DBS does well, why, and how built on last year’s DBS Analyst Day, particularly when reinforced consistently by the DBS leadership team.

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