Globally diversified government IT vendors buffered pandemic-related turbulence overseas with growth in U.S. federal sector

Overall government IT spending will take a significant hit from COVID-19; growth opportunities will eventually arise but on a longer-term horizon

Public sector market growth drivers

State and local governments in the U.S. as well as civilian agencies of international governments saw significant disruption to tax revenues and their ability to provide even basic levels of citizen-facing services as a result of the pandemic. Employment services agencies, for example, were suddenly forced to operate at sharply lower levels, if at all, while experiencing surges in new jobless claims. As a result, ongoing IT programs were put on hiatus while moratoriums on new technology initiatives were implemented. Conversely, spending on defense, intelligence and national security initiatives by foreign governments, even with temporary stoppages in delivery, was less affected by COVID-19, though essentially profiting only defense contractors like Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman and others that have long-standing relationships with international defense agencies.

TBR’s Public Sector IT Services Benchmark compares and contrasts covered vendors’ go-to-market models, recent investments and key deal wins. The benchmark also reviews numerous key financial performance metrics and highlights vendors that have been particularly successful in expanding market share and improving profitability.


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