As COVID-19 inspires greater cloud usage, customers seek security and customization benefits in hosted private cloud options

Market overview

Infrastructure services hosted as single-tenancy offerings remain desirable to customers that are looking to bridge the gap between utilizing public clouds and building their own private clouds on premises. The global COVID-19 outbreak weighed heavily on many IT vendors’ business models during the quarter; however, the hosted private cloud space was less susceptible to the economic impacts of the pandemic given the annuity-based revenue streams gained through cloud sales. Long term, TBR expects the hosted private cloud market to record pockets of growth as we expect COVID-19 to prompt greater cloud usage, and many customers will turn to private cloud solutions as a preliminary step in the digital transformation process. Further, benchmarked vendors will benefit from enterprises’ increasingly hybrid scenarios, which are generally purchased on a workload-by-workload basis.

The Hosted Private Cloud Benchmark analyzes different enterprise use cases and vendor strategies. For example, the benchmark looks at how workloads such as ERP will drive demand for hosted private cloud SaaS due to the mission-critical nature of those services and their associated data.

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