Technology Business Research, Inc. launches Telecom Edge Compute Market Forecast

Technology Business Research, Inc. is expanding its Telecom Edge Compute portfolio with the launch of the Telecom Edge Compute Market Forecast, an annual report scheduled to first publish in early 2020.

Edge computing has become a major area of interest and investment in the telecom industry, driven by CSPs’ need to improve user experiences as well as enable and support new business models. Communication service providers (CSPs) are also keen to invest in edge computing as a cost-efficiency solution, with 5G as well as the cloudification and virtualization of networks driving the build-out of edge compute environments.

Telecom Edge Compute Market Forecast, which is global in scope, will detail edge compute spending trends among CSPs, which include telecom operators, cable operators and webscales. TBR’s research will include current-year market sizing and a five-year forecast by multiple edge compute market segments and geographies.

Additionally, TBR will examine the following:

  • Spend by domain: hardware, software, services
  • Spend by hardware type: black box, gray box, white box
  • Spend by service type: deployment services, maintenance services, professional services, managed services
  • Spend by company type: telco, cableco, webscale
  • Spend by region: North America, CALA, EMEA, APAC

TBR’s Telecom Edge Compute portfolio also includes the Telecom Edge Compute Market Landscape, which launched earlier in 2019 and provides insights on use cases, business models, operator and vendor positioning and strategies, market size and adoption.

For additional information about this research or to arrange a one-on-one analyst briefing, please contact Dan Demers at +1 603.929.1166 or [email protected].

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