HAMPTON, N.H. (July 7, 2022) — Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) announces the on-demand availability of its 2Q22 competitive intelligence webinars. This quarter’s discussions included expectations for IT infrastructure investments, cloud ERP opportunity, COVID-19’s lasting impact on the IT services market, the latest in blockchain and sustainability initiatives, and more.

Top priorities for IT infrastructure investments: What’s more important than business transformation?

Our team presents insights, data and analysis on exactly what IT buyers are concerned with in the post-COVID-19 transition, with billions of dollars of IT investment on the line. Learn the challenges and priorities guiding investment plans, key areas of infrastructure expansion, plans for data center consolidation, and expectations for edge computing and multicloud adoption.

Top vendors positioned to capitalize on TIS market trends

Our subject-matter expert deep dives into telecom infrastructure services (TIS) growth catalysts such as 5G deployments globally, network and IT application migration to the cloud, and an influx of government funds to close the digital divide. Additionally, learn how geopolitics are driving government spend and CSPs plan to rip and replace Huawei infrastructure over the next few years.

Cloud ERP picking up speed: How vendors are capitalizing on vast opportunity

In this quarter’s cloud webinar, you’ll learn how platform vendors like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google are encroaching on applications and services markets in the quest for growth and what’s opened the floodgates to cloud deployments, even in regulated industries.

The pandemic’s lasting impact on IT services: Who’s leading through 2022 and beyond

TBR’s Professional Services team looks at which vendors have fared best in IT services, consulting and digital transformation amid the global pandemic. Additionally, each analyst will make the case for why one or two specific vendors separated themselves from the pack and how they positioned for sustained success in 2022 and beyond.

Server and storage market performance

Our team examines segment financial performance from TBR’s latest IT Infrastructure Benchmark as well as expectations for market growth based on results in our latest IT Infrastructure Market Forecast.

Blockchain, sustainability and IT services

Our subject-matter experts review blockchain-enabled digital transformation and accelerated adoption of sustainability initiatives among IT services vendors. Learn the reason consultancies and IT services vendors have bet heavily on sustainability mandates and metrics, trends across digital transformation that will drive change in 2022, and more.

IaaS is about scale; PaaS is about differentiation

Our Cloud team takes an in-depth look at the IaaS and PaaS markets and how vendors are competing to address opportunities in emerging submarkets such as app development and integration.

Ukraine and the future of digital transformation

TBR’s Professional Services team discusses repercussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine across the entire consulting, IT services and digital transformation landscape. Additionally, the team debates which vendors will most likely see a surge in business and opportunities and details which vendors have been most subjected to negative fallout from sanctions, talent disruptions or overexposure to Russian markets.

TBR webinars include a 15-minute Q&A following the main presentation. To find out what we are discussing next, check out the Webinars page of our website.