Verizon, Ericsson, and Qualcomm Boast DSS Advancements

“The technology is still, at least partially, theoretical because it remains under development and hasn’t been commercially deployed at large. Nonetheless, ‘DSS is a big deal and I think it’s underrated,’ said Chris Antlitz, telecom principal analyst at Technology Business Research. DSS is a software feature that can be baked into the radio access network (RAN) platform or added via remote provisioning, he explained. It’s a big deal for network operators because it’s going to save them a lot of money by removing previous requirements to completely refarm spectrum for new network technologies, Antlitz added. ‘You can run out of the same spectrum band, out of the same radio, two technologies simultaneously and the traffic can be dynamically orchestrated depending on how much capacity is being asked from the system,’ he said.” — SDXCentral

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