Red Hat to keep its partner-agnosticism post-acquisition, CSPs moving to less-popular solutions

“According to a report from analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR), Red Hat executives speaking at their Open Innovation Lab and Executive Briefing Center in Boston claimed that its culture and product development would stay the same after its acquisition by IBM, which was closed in July 2019.

“According to TBR telecom senior analyst Michael Soper, Red Hat’s independence is a core tenent of the company through an ‘open-source approach’ to management, application development and company direction.

“‘The open-source community, to which Red Hat and its employees are major contributors, will remain the primary influence on Red Hat’s product road map,’ Soper said.

“‘This is evident in the company’s open hybrid cloud strategy, whereby Red Hat products support hybrid cloud infrastructure from a host of strategic partners, with Red Hat adhering to a principle of partner agnosticism: No one partner is favoured over another.'” — Channel Asia, IDG Communications

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