What a Leidos corporate reorganization signals to the government contracting market

Joey Cresta, an analyst with Technology Business Research Inc. in Hampton, New Hampshire, who closely tracks the government services market, says that being known as an innovative company — and demonstrating a track record of such — will become even more critical moving forward. That’s because government contractors will be challenged to truly differentiate what they do and how they do it as the technology stacks of today and the future continue to evolve. 

“As computation, storage and now the network become virtualized, they become more of a commodity, just as automation commoditizes legacy services,” Cresta said. “More value will be placed on a specific set of skills around writing algorithms leveraging mission or customer knowledge to solve specific client pain points.”

Cresta sees Leidos utilizing this push to potentially grab high-end, government-funded R&D work in areas like intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) as well as data analytics and AI — all things Defense Department officials in particular talk up as crucial to winning on the battlefields of the future, both real and virtual.

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