IBM’s play post-Red Hat deal: Dominate ‘Chapter 2 of the Cloud’

IBM will use OpenShift to bring a consistent cloud value proposition, remaining agnostic toward delivery method, location or cloud provider now that it has acquired Raleigh-based Red Hat.

In 2015 Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst made a statement at an analyst day presentation that Red Hat aimed to do to the PaaS [platform as a service] layer with OpenShift what it had done to the enterprise operating system layer with RHEL [Red Hat Enterprise Linux].

That strategy was thoroughly validated with IBM’s $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat, a deal that recently closed.

At the core of the recent IBM Cloud Summit were discussions of how OpenShift was the only platform layer capable of running on multiple clouds, in what IBM describes as hybrid multicloud. In IBM’s definition, hybrid denotes the ability to run applications on premises, in private clouds, in public clouds and at the edge. — Principal Analyst and Practice Manager Allan Krans

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