IBM reports spike in revenue thanks to boost from Red Hat

“Catie Merrill, research analyst at TBR Cloud and Software, said IBM is actively placing OpenShift at the core of its innovations. ‘This growth is reason to be optimistic about the IBM Red Hat relationship going forward and how the two plan to surmount the hybrid cloud opportunity from multiple angles,’ she told WRAL TechWire in an email.”

“Looking ahead, some analysts are predicting  the go-to market plan for integrated offerings will continue to gain traction, while the innovation engine shows no sign of slowing down with investments in augmenting solutions in areas like security, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things. ‘These developments in combination with a strong suite of services offerings poises IBM to continue its growth trajectory in hybrid cloud and related services,’ Nicki Catchpole, senior analyst at TBR Cloud and Software.”

WRAL TechWire

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