TBR Weekly Preview: April 29-May 3

Two weeks in a row cranking out tons of analysis around technology companies, their strategies and performances, and how we see the market changing constantly. As always, connect directly with the analysts if you have questions.


  • In TBR’s 1Q19 Fujitsu Cloud Initial Response, we discuss Fujitsu’s strategy and next moves after its decision last October to stop international sales of K5. An increasingly strategic partnership with Microsoft coupled with continued enhancements to its data center and managed services businesses and capabilities will be ever more critical to the vendor’s long-term success outside Japan. — Cassandra Mooshian, Senior Analyst, Cloud and Software Team


  • In TBR’s 1Q19 Alphabet (Google) Initial Response, we track Alphabet’s ability to supplement core advertising revenue with sales of its Hardware products, Cloud services and YouTube subscriptions, as well as its investments in original and licensed video content that have begun to pressure margins. Alphabet’s Other Bets also comes into focus as the company leverages investments in the businesses within this segment, such as Waymo autonomous driving, Verily life sciences and Wing drone delivery, to create revenue streams that are sustainable over the long term. — Michael Soper, Senior Analyst, Telecom Team
  • Leidos begins 2019 with a renewed focus on growth and continued robust activity within its public sector healthcare business. TBR’s 1Q19 Leidos Initial Response will highlight two new collaborations to illustrate the increasing strategic importance of healthcare in Leidos’ revamped growth strategy, as well as updates on the company’s ongoing consolidation of its physical assets in the U.S. and expansion of its footprint in the U.K. — John Caucis, Senior Analyst, Professional Services Team
  • Digital marketing services (DMS) remains a growth opportunity — expected to reach $132 billion by 2023 — as CX-related content deployment advances to maturity. In TBR’s 2Q19 Digital Transformation Insights Report: DMS, TBR benchmarks 19 vendors that are well positioned to increase their share of the addressable DMS market, which on average expanded in revenue 22% year-to-year in 4Q18, through 2023.— Boz Hristov,Senior Analyst, Professional Services Team


  • In TBR’s 1Q19 Apple Initial Response, we will report on Apple’s efforts to shift toward a more services-oriented model as it combats slower product revenue due to lengthening smartphone ownership cycles and global saturation. While Apple’s extensive ecosystem puts it into a strong position to enter the vast content services ecosystem, the company will have to navigate busy service and content markets and overcome experienced and embedded competitors, such as Netflix, Amazon and Spotify. — Daniel Callahan, Analyst, Devices and IoT Team 


  • With nearly $1 billion in new acquisitions in 1Q19, M&A is once again taking center stage in CACI’s overall growth strategy, enabling the company to align well with shifting defense and intelligence priorities emphasizing agile solution development, accelerated acquisitions cycles, and advanced communications and security products for warfighting and intelligence missions.  TBR will have in-depth analysis of CACI’s most recent acquisitions to expand its portfolio of cyber, electronic warfare and communications intelligence capabilities in our 1Q19 CACI Initial Response. — John Caucis, Senior Analyst, Professional Services Team


  • Cognizant’s strategic framework is in place, enabling the company to capture and accelerate digital opportunities. The recent acquisition of Meritsoft, which will add SaaS capabilities to its Digital Operations arsenal, reaffirms Cognizant’s commitment to digital and will help the company expand its digital platforms within its addressable market. — Kelly Lesiczka, Analyst, Professional Services Team 
  • Steady expansion of the number of clients in Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) largest segments illustrates the continued traction of TCS’ Business 4.0 framework, designed to drive digital enablement. TBR’s 1Q19 TCS report will discuss hiring trends and margin projections during the remainder of 2019. — Kevin Collupy, Analyst, Professional Services Team
  • As Infosys evolves its value proposition and go-to-market strategy, investments in AI, cloud and design thinking remain at the forefront of company executives’ agenda. A recent uptick in performance, evidenced by the healthy pipeline of large deals the company signed in FY19 for a total contract value of $6.28 billion, gives Infosys the confidence to invest and tout capabilities in new areas to secure long-term growth through product-enabled services. Doubling down on its position on the services supply side through investments in innovative portfolio offerings could help Infosys solidify its standing as a trusted outsourcer as it converts bookings to cash.
  • Boz Hristov, Senior Analyst, Professional Services Team

This week TBR will also publish several special reports on recent analyst events, including PwC’s Risk Summit and EY’s annual analyst event.

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