Technology products enable Atos to get closer to IT buyers

Atos takes a pragmatic approach to executing digital transformation initiatives through the BullSequana Edge server

Consumerization of business applications, demand for data quality and governance, and the adoption of connected technologies compel vendors such as Atos to explore opportunities around managing customer data and to invest in solutions that can help clients protect their competitive advantage. In May Atos launched BullSequana Edge, a server that manages data at the edge and can be used securely for IoT environments that require fast response times and real-time analysis of data at the edge, such as in manufacturing 4.0, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, retail and airport security. BullSequana Edge helps Atos address challenges of exponential data volumes and heterogeneous data complexities due to the advent of AI and machine learning (ML), which are both necessary blocks supporting the data economy foundation. With optimized security capabilities, including intrusion detection, disc encryption and secure boot, the BullSequana Edge server enables Atos to alleviate common pain points of IT and operational technology (OT), especially as the company builds and offers vertical-centric solutions with the hardware.

Although offering a hardware appliance separates Atos from pure systems integrators, which typically manage asset-light portfolios, such as its closest France-based peer Capgemini, the offering brings Atos closer to key IT buyers, which remain the primary decision makers of final IT purchases, even in discussions that include the C-Suite. Along with the edge server, Atos offers services that take clients through the plan, build and run phase of edge and IoT adoption, thus enabling clients to drive business outcomes through next-generation technologies.

See TBR’s latest special report Atos at the edge of technology and look for our full report on the company’s 3Q19 earnings that will publish in early November.

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