Webinar - The Power of Data in the Cloud: A Deep Dive into the PaaS Market and Ecosystem

The Power of Data in the Cloud: A Deep Dive into the PaaS Market and Ecosystem

TBR research shows the PaaS market will exceed $200 billion by 2026 as customers replatform workloads in the cloud and take additional steps to prioritize their data. Customers are no longer looking to the cloud as a landing spot for their data, but rather as a way to transform their IT and business processes. In today’s market, the PaaS layer acts as the enabler to business innovation, allowing customers to consolidate, integrate and manage data and use it to build new tools and applications in both the back and front office.

Join Principal Analyst and Practice Manager Allan Krans, Principal Analyst and Practice Manager Patrick M. Heffernan and Senior Analyst Catie Merrill Thursday, June 1, 2023, for an in-depth discussion on the current dynamics of the data cloud market, drawing on insights from TBR’s inaugural Cloud Data Services Market Landscape. The team will take an ecosystem view, examining the role hyperscalers, pure play PaaS vendors and global systems integrators (GSIs) play in helping enterprises adopt comprehensive, cloud-based architectures that enable them to translate data into business value.


In this FREE webinar on current data cloud market dynamics you’ll learn:

  • Market forces shaping the modern data stack
  • Customer behavior and the rise of data-first organizations
  • Vendor positioning for both hyperscalers and pure play data cloud platforms
  • GSIs’ approach to the data cloud opportunity




Previous TBR webinars can be viewed anytime on TBR’s Webinar Portal. For additional information or to arrange a briefing with our analysts, please contact TBR at [email protected].

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