Enterprise edge compute sees opportunity in COVID-19 economy as new use cases emerge

COVID-19 increases demand for edge installments

Despite some challenges and resistance to adoption, the opportunity at the enterprise edge is vast, as edge workloads present a key solution to many of the new problems that have popped up due to COVID-19. For example, brick-and-mortar shopping was once seen as a leisure activity and has now become a front line from which a virus can spread. While retail is a key vertical with much to gain from edge workloads in the era of COVID-19, it is not the only one. Manufacturing floors now require social distancing of workers, which slows down production, and technicians cannot go on-site to fix malfunctioning hardware. The edge is the solution to many of these problems, with use cases including contact tracing, temperature-monitoring cameras, and AI-enabled surveillance to monitor for adequate social distancing and mask wearing.

TBR’s Enterprise Edge Compute Market Landscape, which is global in scope, details edge compute trends among both vendors and their customers. Vendor coverage includes: Amazon Web Services, Atos, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Digital Realty, Equinix, Huawei, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Lenovo and Microsoft. This research includes current-year market sizing and a five-year forecast.

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