5G will drive CSPs to adopt a new network architecture, with NFV and SDN as critical aspects

According to TBR’s 3Q19 NFV/SDN Telecom Market Landscape, 5G will push CSPs to accelerate and broaden their NFV/SDN initiatives. As such, TBR expects NFV/SDN-related spend growth will correlate with 5G deployments. Since CSPs will need to upgrade their networks from an end-to-end perspective to realize the full potential of 5G, this will naturally drive CSPs toward the virtualization and cloudification of their networks. This trend will impact most, if not all, of the major network domains from an NFV/SDN perspective over the next five years. TBR notes that 5G core is inherently virtualized, and that this will also naturally push CSPs deeper into the NFV/SDN space over the next five years as they transition to stand-alone 5G networks.

CSPs are more deeply collaborating with other operators, telecom vendors and other technology providers to reap the full benefits offered by NFV and SDN. In particular, the technology industry is becoming more willing to work with open-source groups such as Airship and the O-RAN Alliance to develop open infrastructure that is interoperable across multiple vendors. CSPs such as AT&T and Colt Technology Services are also collaborating to advance the development of intercarrier virtualized network solutions, which will particularly benefit multinational businesses requiring connectivity from multiple service providers within their global footprint.

TBR’s NFV/SDN Telecom Market Landscape includes key findings, market size, customer adoption, operator positioning and strategies, geographic adoption, vendor positioning and strategies, and acquisition and alliance strategies and opportunities. TBR’s NFV and SDN research encompasses the internal (i.e., network operations) and external (e.g., SD-WAN and other virtual network functions [VNFs] sold to end users such as enterprises) NFV- and SDN-related initiatives of communication service providers (CSPs).

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