2019 Devices & Internet of Things Predictions: The mists are clearing as IoT becomes more realistic and better organized

IoT is getting a lot easier

While it is too early to say that the Internet of Things (IoT) market is fully mature, it is maturing. The first three years of the IoT era were filled with extravagant claims, inadequate products and services, and a chaotic partner ecosystem. Starting in 2018 and accelerating throughout 2019 and 2020, more customers will come to the market with an understanding of what they are looking for, offerings will be easier to implement and integrate, and the partnership ecosystem will be more navigable for both vendors and customers.

Increasingly, IoT will be delivered in complete solutions, typically including components from several vendors. As IoT matures, more specific use cases with sufficiently broad applicability will be implemented as solutions, addressing common problems both within and across verticals. Solutions will vary in customizability and integrability.

The economics of data collection, transmission, processing and storage will play an increasing role in the design of IoT solutions. Data-related costs dictate the feasibility of many IoT projects and have driven the adoption of edge solutions.

2019 predictions

  • The IoT ecosystem will sort itself out; vendors will find their niches
  • Packaged and bundled IoT solutions will proliferate
  • Not all data is valuable: Data economics will drive design


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