TBR Launches Semiconductor Market Landscape

HAMPTON, N.H. (Aug. 8, 2023) — Technology Business Research, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Semiconductor Market Landscape. Semiconductors are key components of nearly every available technology. The semiconductor vendors that design and manufacture the chips used across the technology market play a major role in supporting the products available from the largest technology vendors in the world.


To fully understand the semiconductor landscape, semiconductor vendors and ICT vendors must understand current trends regarding the supply of and demand for various components needed for a variety of end products, such as smartphones, PCs and servers.


TBR’s Semiconductor Market Landscape provides clients access to data and analysis of semiconductor vendors, including quantitative financial information and a qualitative assessment of each vendor’s overall business. The inaugural report covers seven semiconductor vendors: AMD, Broadcom, Intel, Marvell, Micron, NVIDIA and Qualcomm. TBR groups these publicly traded, U.S.-based companies into three buckets: Hardware, Cloud & Software, and Services.


The first publication of this annual report is now available for download. Start your free trial today to gain access!

Semiconductor Market Landscape

Highlights from the Semiconductor Market Landscape

Semiconductor services revenue mix increases as hardware demand falls amid weakening PC market

Semiconductor hardware sales continue to account for most of the industry’s revenue as the recent collapse in PC demand was partially offset by increasing demand for connectivity solutions and other custom silicon from cloud service providers.


In 4Q22 semiconductor services revenue mix increased 30 basis points year-to-year while increasing roughly 20 basis points year-to-year on a trailing 12-month basis. This mix shift was primarily driven by increased demand for design and development services associated with custom silicon, which spurs from increasingly complex workloads. TBR believes this trend will continue, driving demand for adaptable SoCs, ASICs and other custom chips as well as their respective associated services.



Join Senior Analyst Ben Carbonneau, lead analyst on TBR’s Semiconductor Market Landscape, Thursday, Aug. 31, for a live Q&A and discussion on how PC OEMs are working with certain semiconductor vendors, primarily NVIDIA, to bolster their AI capabilities. Additionally, TBR’s Devices team will discuss how past and present macroeconomic conditions are impacting devices industry subsegments, such as PC, smartphone and smart devices, and what portfolio strategies devices vendors are employing to take advantage of AI and to mitigate industry downturn impact.

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