TBR launches new Cloud Customer Research reports covering infrastructure and applications adoption

Recognizing that a more mature cloud market needs deeper customer insight, Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) is launching two new programs: Cloud Applications Customer Research and Cloud Infrastructure Customer Research. While the vendor landscape is solidified from a leadership perspective, customer behavior has become even more difficult to decipher. TBR’s new programs will help subscribers to plan and take action to win more cloud business.

Many of the simple workloads, such as development & test, CRM and productivity, have moved to the cloud, but exactly what services will move next and how remain difficult questions to answer. TBR’s Cloud Customer Research reports address these new market realities, providing direct feedback on leading and emerging vendors and focusing the analysis on specific workloads in both the applications and infrastructure domains.

Insight provided through in-depth customer interviews allows subscribers to understand the nuance involved with customers’ cloud usage and leverage that information to directly influence their positions in the market. The result of the research is clear identification of market size, leading vendor share, vendor perception, vendor strengths and weaknesses, and case studies on workload adoption.

The two new Cloud Customer Research streams deliver insight that can be used internally to plan business strategies and field guides that can be used externally to initiate and close more competitive deals. While the two research streams will cover different markets (applications and infrastructure), they have a similar structure: analyzing market opportunity, customer behavior, vendor position and perception; offering engagement scenarios and field guides; and providing interview excerpts. TBR will conduct 400 surveys and 100 interviews annually as part of this program and will publish the two reports in September and March.

For additional information about this research or to arrange a one-on-one analyst briefing, please contact Dan Demers at +1 603.929.1166 or [email protected].


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