TBR Makes Recent Insights Live Sessions, Including a Key Discussion on Commercialization of GenAI in the Cloud, Publicly Available

Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) is pleased to announce the on-demand availability of all of our 3Q23 webinars. Topics last quarter included the generative AI strategies of both hyperscalers and SaaS providers, key trends impacting business performance of U.S. enterprise operators, AI disruption amid hardware refresh cycles, and changes in IT infrastructure buyers’ strategies as they adapt to the post-pandemic era.

3Q23 TBR Insights Live Sessions

GenAI in the Cloud: Commercialization Hype vs. Reality

Learn the generative AI (GenAI) strategies and approaches of both hyperscalers and SaaS providers and how cloud providers are using custom silicon to accelerate GenAI

Key Trends Impacting the U.S. Telecom B2B Market

Learn key trends impacting business performance of U.S. enterprise operators and the competitive landscape; how U.S. operators are performing relative to each other across segments, including wireless and wireline service and large enterprise, SMB and the public sector; and how U.S. operators are positioning to capitalize on key growth opportunities in fixed wireless access, multi-access edge computing and private cellular networks

AI Disruption and Hardware Refresh Cycles: What It Means for OEMs

Learn how past and present macroeconomic conditions are impacting devices industry subsegments, which portfolio strategies devices vendors are employing to take advantage of AI and to mitigate the effects of the industry downturn, and how devices vendors are positioning around AI

IT Infrastructure Strategy and Purchasing Trends in the Post-pandemic Era

Learn how IT infrastructure buyers are adapting to the post-pandemic era, the top priorities influencing IT infrastructure investments today, and strategies for IT infrastructure deployment over the next two years

TBR Insights Live sessions are held typically on Thursdays at 1 p.m. ET and include a 15-minute Q&A session following the main presentation. A recording of the session is sent to all registrants the day after the live airing.


To find out what we are discussing in 4Q23, visit the TBR Insights Live page of our website.