HAMPTON, N.H. (May 10, 2022) — The latest addition to TBR’s Telecom Operator research stream, the U.S. Telecom Operator Public Sector Market Landscape examines the opportunity U.S. telecom operators have to capitalize on the public sector market as agencies modernize their network infrastructures and implement emerging technologies. The report looks at trends within public sector customer segments, including federal and state, local, and education agencies, and within public sector domains, such as public safety, military and smart cities. Also examined are public sector strategies and developments of leading operators such as AT&T, Verizon and Lumen Technologies. The first publication of this semiannual report is now available for download. The next iteration is set to publish in October 2022.

“The public sector is ripe for revenue generation opportunities for U.S. telecom operators as agencies modernize their infrastructure through the General Services Administration’s $50 billion EIS [Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions] program and explore advanced 5G use cases,” says Senior Analyst Steve Vachon. “Continued EIS migrations and integration of advanced 5G use cases will be the main drivers of public sector revenue generation for U.S. operators.”

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