IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Industry benchmarks provide a comparison of vendor performance in a market, including analysis on vendor strategies, financial performance, go-to-market and resource management. The research graphically portrays comparisons of vendors by myriad metrics, calling out leaders, laggards and business models. TBR also provides benchmark data in Excel pivot tables.

TBR’s IT Infrastructure Benchmark provides clients a deep dive into the IT infrastructure market encompassing hardware deployed from the data center to the edge, including x86 servers, non-Intel-based servers, storage, enterprise networking and IT infrastructure services. Additionally, the report provides qualitative analysis around alliance and acquisition activity in the market as well as analysis around emerging technologies in the IT infrastructure market.


Excel Workbook featuring current and historical data




Proprietary Servers
Industry-standard Servers
IT Infrastructure Services


Dell EMC
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Juniper Networks
Oracle Corp.
Pure Storage


Revenue Gross Margin SG&A as a Percentage of Revenue Sales & Marketing as a Percentage of Revenue General & Administrative as a Percentage of Revenue R&D as a Percentage of Revenue Total Operating Expenses as a Percentage of Revenue Operating Margin Net Margin Revenue Year-to-year Change Gross Profit Year-to-year Change SG&A Year-to-year Change Sales & Marketing Year-to-year Change General & Administrative Year-to-year Change R&D Year-to-year Change Total Operating Expenses Year-to-year Change Operating Income Year-to-year Change Net Income Year-to-year Change Annual Revenue per Salesperson Cost per Revenue Dollar Cost per Margin Dollar Channel Expense as a Percentage of Sales & Marketing Expense Marketing Expense as a Percentage of Sales & Marketing Expense Annual Sales Expense per Sales Employee Annual Marketing Expense per Marketing Employee Day Sales Outstanding Turns on Inventory Days Inventory Outstanding Fixed Asset Turnover Days Cash Outstanding Total Asset Turnover Debt-to-Asset Ratio Current Ratio Return on Assets Return on Equity Headcount Year-to-year Change Annual Revenue per Employee Annual G&A Expense per General & Administrative Employee Annual R&D Expense per Developer Total Data Center Employees Sales Headcount Marketing Headcount General & Administrative Headcount R&D Headcount Manufacturing and Distribution Headcount Support and Other Headcount Server – Prop Revenue Server – Prop Gross Profit Server – Prop Units Server – Prop AUR Server – Prop Gross Margin Server – Prop Revenue Year-to-year Change Server – Prop Gross Profit Year-to-year Change Server – Prop Units Year-to-year Change Server – Prop AUR Year-to-year Change Server – x86 Revenue Server – x86 Gross Profit Server – x86 Units Server – x86 AUR Server – x86 Gross Margin Server – x86 Revenue Year-to-year Change Server – x86 Gross Profit Year-to-year Change Server – x86 Units Year-to-year Change Server – x86 AUR Year-to-year Change Storage Revenue Storage Gross Profit Storage Units Storage AUR Storage Gross Margin Storage Revenue Year-to-year Change Storage Gross Profit Year-to-year Change Storage Units Year-to-year Change Storage AUR Year-to-year Change Networking Revenue Networking Gross Profit Networking Units Networking AUR Networking Gross Margin Networking Revenue Year-to-year Change Networking Gross Profit Year-to-year Change Networking Units Year-to-year Change Networking AUR Year-to-year Change Americas Revenue APAC Revenue EMEA Revenue Americas as a Percentage of Revenue APAC as a Percentage of Revenue EMEA as a Percentage



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