Portfolio and network enhancements showcase Telefonica’s evolution to digital service provider

Telefonica’s (NYSE: TEF) progress in evolving from a traditional communication service provider to a digital service provider was highlighted at the company’s 2018 Industry Analyst & Customer Day. Telefonica’s digital transformation initiatives will yield internal cost savings and increased operational efficiency for the company while enhancing connectivity, scalability and customer experience for consumers and businesses. Telefonica is also expanding its portfolio in emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data and advanced Internet of Things (IoT) use cases that will increasingly become a part of businesses’ and consumers’ daily lives over the next decade. However, Telefonica will face difficulties in its journey, including balancing network and technology investments while managing the company’s high debt load, the challenging regulatory environment for telecom companies, and competitive threats from webscales and rival carriers that are also aggressively expanding their digital portfolios.

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