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With TBR’s Federal IT Services market and competitive intelligence research, understand and build strategies around industry trends to maximize addressable opportunity and minimize disruption as a core industry undergoes unprecedented change.

Gain insight into how defense contractors are going to market, forming alliances, planning for the future and more as they provide solutions and services tailored to customer objectives ranging from night vision goggles and underwater sensors to F-35s and Low-Earth Orbit satellite constellations.

Learn how federal contractors are approaching Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2), hypersonic technology, the new age space race, digital engineering and the evolving international defense scene.

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Trends we are looking at for 2022:

  • Acceleration of cloud adoption in federal IT space
  • Expanding budgets for Department of Defense (DOD) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) programs; significant funding custs planned for basic research, applied research and advanced technology development
  • Bipartisan support remaining strong for critical technology and modernization areas: AI, analytics, big data, cloud, cybersecurity, health IT, mobility/5G and network updating
  • Sharp acceleration in cybersecurity investment
  • Optimizing citizen services remaining a paramount focus of IT investment
  • Digital asset modernization and innovation across federal IT systems
  • The evolution of the DOD’s JADC2 program linking defense systems across all arenas (cyber, land, sea, air and space) and service branches (domestic DOD and allied nations) to securely share data for combat operations and military commands
  • Greater focus on international clients due to worldwide spending on A&D rising after Russia’s invasion on the Ukraine
  • Supply chain crisis lingering longer than anticipated
  • Sharp decline in large-scale M&A activity
  • Underpinning the JADC2 initiative with 5G technology
  • Broader adoption of virtual engineering tools like digital twinning
  • Emphasis on collaboration to compete for large-scale annuity revenue generating contracts
  • Expediting the development of hypersonic programs

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Public Sector IT Services Competitive Intelligence
Public Sector IT Services Competitive Intelligence
Public Sector IT Services Competitive Intelligence

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Federal IT Services Benchmark

Boeing Mission Systems

L3Harris Mission Systems

Lockheed Mission Systems

Northrop Mission Systems

Raytheon Mission Systems

Booz Allen Hamilton

CACI International

General Dynamics Technologies





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