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Databricks Pivots Around Data Intelligence to Address GenAI Use Cases

Just like it did with the data lakehouse five years ago, Databricks is establishing another paradigm with data intelligence, which has the data lakehouse architecture at its core but is infused with generative AI (GenAI). Data intelligence was a key theme throughout Databricks Data & AI Summit and signals Databricks’ intentions to further democratize AI and ultimately help every company become an AI company.


2024: A Transitional Year for GenAI and PC Markets

Explore how 2024 marks a pivotal year for GenAI and the PC market. Discover the latest AI applications, market trends, and the evolving role of AI PCs in driving industry conversations and addressing privacy concerns.


When Will GenAI Impact the Devices Market?

Generative AI (GenAI) will make devices, especially PCs and smartphones, more powerful and easier to use, and that will drive business among device, platform, silicon and software vendors but will not change the structure of the ecosystem. New opportunities in software and services will present themselves, new companies will enter the market, and most new companies will ultimately be acquired.


CGI Leverages AI Expertise for GenAI Success

Delve into the world of CGI’s GenAI capabilities, with key insights from CGI’s vice presidents of Global AI Enablement. Additionally, learn how the company is addressing challenges around data, change management, and ROI in IT services and technology solutions.