Go-to-Market Enablement

With Go-to-Market Enablement, our team provides actionable insights and recommendations that enable clients to proactively arm their sales and go-to-market organizations with tools to identify opportunities, position against competitors, and win more deals.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Identification of opportunities through nontraditional customer classification methods
  • Approach to move through sales stages by understanding evolving buyer and influencer roles
  • Framework to “tell the story” of competitive strengths and weaknesses to competitors

Account Classification
A series of customer plays that are based on “softer” classification data, such as maturity and willingness to take risk

Competitive Alignment Tools
Sales battle cards and kill sheets that are proactively designed to tell the story of both strengths and weaknesses from an inside-out and outside-in point of view

Market Content
Helping clients tell their story through research-backed white papers, webinars, social content and infographics

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