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Below is TBR’s commentary on Accenture’s CY2Q16 (FY3Q16) earnings. Please feel free to use this content with TBR and analyst attributions. Contact Bozhidar Hristov ( at +1 603.929.1166 for additional analysis.

Accenture doubles-down on intelligent automation technologies to highlight tangible benefits and stay abreast of innovation According to TBR’s 4Q15 Global Delivery … Read more »

TBR Staff

As the last country markets upgrade to broadband, telecom service providers are gaining services revenue at a far slower pace than the investment rate required to provide quality of service to customers. Additionally, operators see few opportunities to expand revenue growth. One clear answer to this dilemma is cloud transformation. Cloud transformation provides the dual benefit of enabling service providers to offer improved cloud services to customers and prospects, esp … Read more »