Ecosystem Management


Independent & objective data and analysis of partner performance along key financial and business metrics, such as headcount, revenue, margin and R&D spend


Competitors’ partner strategies in real time


Partner program effectiveness against peers’ performance


Partner performance against independent data


  • Provides an apples-to-apples comparison of specific market segments and leading vendors, including those that are leveraging the channel
  • Connects industry trends to market opportunity size and growth and highlights the financial impact of different trends and how channel sales play a part
  • Provides vendor validation for emulating certain business models

Market Forecast

  • Highlights markets that are more or less attractive in the long term for alliance activity
  • Puts financial truth behind vendor investments in segments, screening for the best alliance partners in different segment

Market Landscape

  • Best assessment tool for emerging and developing markets around emerging technology
  • Profiles winning vendor business models and financial traction to identify alliance prospects
  • Projects future need and market opportunity

Vendor Analysis

  • Provides a deep assessment of leading strategies, including investments, profit and future direction, including SMB focus and the role of channel programs
  • Puts financial truth behind vendors’ investments in segments, illustrating how their business and key competitors will change

Customer Research

  • Validates or challenges planned future investment decisions based on what customers are doing and will do
  • Probes how customers will purchase different technologies (direct or through a partner)
  • Illustrates how technologies are being used within end customer environments