Opportunity Analysis

With Opportunity Analysis, our team provides actionable insights and recommendations that enable clients to identify and align to long-term strategic and disruptive opportunities, enabling clients to see growth in the next 18-plus months.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Development of market entry strategies for clients that are evaluating expansion into new verticals, regions or service areas
  • Advise clients on M&A short lists by deploying a market screen based on contextual, quantitative data
  • Project market size, direction and trajectory based on an assessment of the accelerators and decelerators of customer adoption

A projection of opportunity size, velocity and trajectory for an offering or market segment, based on an analysis of customer plans, competitor motions and ecosystem needs

M&A Screens
Recommended short list of potential acquisitions for pre-diligence support, based on acquisition target fit, value add and strategic alignment

New Solution Testing and Positioning
Generate an understanding of willingness to buy, key evaluation criteria, pricing and positioning, and expected use cases for new or differentiated offerings.

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