Customer Intelligence

With Customer Intelligence, our team creates actionable insights and recommendations that enable clients to evaluate new or expanding markets, understand brand perception, fine-tune marketing messaging, and define segment opportunity by assessing the needs, expectations, plans and experiences of customers.

Key outcomes delivered include:

  • Identify areas for differentiation and improvement by benchmarking customer perception versus competitors
  • Generate an understanding of willingness to buy, key evaluation criteria and expected use cases for new/differentiated offers
  • Identify messaging that resonates with customers and key factors that make messaging successful

Customer Adoption and Direction

Assessments of how customers’ current and planned consumption of products solutions and services aligns to their business objectives and goals

Customer Perception

Insights on customers’ experiences and feelings toward a brand, product or service, including strengths, weaknesses and gaps

Message Testing

Recommendations on specific messaging and messaging strategy using customer feedback on preference, relevance and brand identity

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