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September 26

The value imperative: Healthcare IT services vendors reorient around value-centric models of care delivery and payment

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In an unlikely pairing, Oracle backs TikTok to drive OCI business and intimidate IaaS competitors

Acquisition turned partnership: Oracle bands together with TikTok Oracle’s presence in TikTok-related news — from competitive bid to strategic partnership to now minority stakeholder — has raised eyebrows from the beginning, given the company’s complete detachment from the social media business. Oracle executives have not been shy about expressing their support for the current White […]


COVID-19 Economic Impacts Update: Sept. 21, 2020

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Digital transformation has created significant market buzz and excitement as buyers look to vendors to help modernize business processes and create new ways of working with and connecting to their customers. This shift not only impacts technology users but also the way vendors must message and sell to their prospects. One client facing this conundrum came […]


A key challenge for product and service teams is to identify into which offerings and customer segments to invest their go-to-market resources to generate the maximum return. Vendors are often challenged to get a clear picture of what use cases are being invested in, particularly among emerging technologies. A client came to TBR needing assistance […]

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