Deploying BXT and being local: PwC and the next decade in China

Chinese companies’ desires to expand abroad, China’s sustained economic growth, and a new Chinese willingness to spend on consulting combined with PwC’s on-the-ground expertise, the firm’s understanding of its global clients, and the now well-developed Business-Experience-Technology (BXT) approach provide a foundation for PwC’s cautious optimism about its future in China over the next decade. Add what Global Advisory Markets Leader Randy Browning describes as PwC’s core strengths around capabilities and trust and one can understand the confidence and enthusiasm on display at the firm’s Shanghai Innovation Center, a well-designed complement to the established Experience Center in Hong Kong. Provided the firm can manage its talent and continue successfully navigating China’s economy and regulatory environment, both for itself and its clients, PwC will likely maintain a leading position among consultancies in the region.


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